Wedding Preparation

Throughout our life, we make many decisions that define who we are today. Pledging our lives to someone else is the single most significant life decision we make. To tie a knot with someone you love the most brings so much joy and happiness.

For this once in a life time moment to happen, you need more than just love. As some of you maybe whispering as you read this article, yes you are right ‘Money’.Wedding expenses are huge in Singapore, a simple Google search will give you an estimate of a wedding cost.

We have many wishes when we talk about wedding, after all it only come once in our life. After calculating expenses about wedding dress, photo shoot, wedding cakes and other costs a lot of us search for the money. When savings are low, we fall short of cash, we seek wedding loan Singapore.

Consideration of wedding loan Singapore

Singapore has an efficient system to regulate the legal money lender market. This is an option available for young couple who need temporary cash injection to organize their perfect wedding. Moneylenders in Singapore offer short-term personal loans for a people in need for cash.

When your inner circle of friends and family could not help you out and banks are not approving your loan, you may turn to licensed moneylenders. If you have the confidence to payback your wedding loan Singapore, then no harm taking up one. Remember wedding is suppose to be a beautiful part of life. Do not take too much debt and make it a bane of your life.


We do not only share our happiness with our partner, they share our tough time as well. It is advisable to plan your wedding expenses with your partner. Share your concerns with each other and come up with the most suitable budget before taking up a wedding loan Singapore.

Messing up your life with debt will remove the charm off your life. No matter how lavish you wish your wedding celebration could be, fast forward to 4 months after marriage. You may be struggling to repay your loan. Think ahead. Act smart.

Low Effective Interest Rate

Loans come with interest, interest rate offered are dependent on licensed lenders evaluation. No doubt that you will get cash instantly. Do remember that you are the one who is going to repay. You should convince yourself that you can repay on time. If you can’t, it is better not to take any loan.

Late fees will hit you hard if you miss a payment. It can range from $100 to $2000, frequency of late fee imposed can be daily, weekly or monthly. Starting your lives with enormous debt sounds truly insane.

Reduces Expenses

Only the bride and groom are a must for a wedding to happen, everything else is optional. Wedding loan Singapore may not be your only option. Reassess your wedding budget and stave off unnecessary expenses, manage your expectations.

Having said that, if are confident of repaying within the loan tenure then wedding loan Singapore works for you. You get your cash fast and you can organize your dream wedding.

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