In this year’s budget announcement, Singaporeans might have been dismayed and shocked to find that the government is increasing the price of water by 30 percent in July 2017, followed by another hike in July 2018.

The increase will fund the higher costs of desalination and Newater production, as well as that of maintaining Singapore’s current water infrastructure. In dollar value, The changes will add up to an increase of less than $18 for 75% of the households here. While Singaporeans can expect some help from the U-save rebates, some households will still need to fork out some extras after the increase.

Monetary concerns aside, it is always a good initiative to try to save water since it is a valuable resource. Not only it is a good way to get the family to work together, it also helps to bring forth these good habits to the next generation. Here, we present you with 8 easy ways to save water at home which you can start doing today!

How Much water do you use and should save each day?

According to Singapore’s National Water Agency PUB, the percentage breakdown of water use for each activity in a typical household is:

Shower – 29%

Kitchen – 22%

Laundry – 19%

Flushing – 16%

Basin – 10%

Other – 4%

Since the above activities are those that consume the most water, you can work to reduce your household water consumption with these following steps:

  1. Cut your shower time – if you have the habit of taking long showers or soaking in the bath tub, try to reduce the time spent inside. Another way to drastically reduce water wastage is to stop the water when you are shampooing or soaping yourself.


  1. Use a mug when brushing your teeth – a very small change but using a mug instead of leaving the tap running when you brush your teeth can save up to 11.5 litres of water per day!


  1. Use half flushes in the toilet – most modern toilets come with the option of using a half flush or a full flush, so if you can, use half flushes when a full flush is not required.


  1. Reduce the use of running taps – whether it is to wash dishes or hand washing clothes, one of the biggest wastage of water come from washing under a running tap. Filling a basin and washing whatever you need to in it is a more economical way.


  1. Wash on a full-load – instead of using the washing machine on a daily basis to wash your dirty clothes, you may want to accumulate a few days’ clothes to wash together when you can fill up the washing machine. This not only helps you save water, but helps you save time as well since you only have to wash your clothes once in a few days, reducing the time needed to dry the clothes and fold them.


  1. Use a water-efficient tap – you might be more acquainted with the idea of an electricity-efficient refrigerator or air-conditioner, but there are water-saving appliances available as well! This includes washing machines, shower heads as well as tap. If you do not already have one, you can now request for a water-saving kit from the PUB to help you reduce as much as 5% of your monthly water consumption. In the kit, you will receive a set of thimbles with three and four holes, allowing you to have greater flexibility in regulating your tap’s and showerhead’s flow rates.


  1. When washing your car, use a bucket instead of a running hose. And wash only when necessary, you don’t need to wash it everyday!


  1. Recycle your water – You can use the water collected from your washing machine to wash the floor, clean the toilet or even use it as an alternative way to flush your toilet when only a light flush is needed.


Adopt these tips and share them with your family members now so that you will be ready to fight the price increase come July this year!

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