As unemployment and redundancies increase in Singapore, residents here should start to find alternative ways to generate extra income should the unfortunate happen. Whether you are a graduate in need of a temporary job or just looking to supplement your current income, here are some of the best paying part-time jobs around:

1. Tuition

Teaching tuition remains one of the best paying jobs in Singapore because of the high-demand for private tuition lessons. However, you’d need to keep current with the current syllabus and be competent in the subjects you teach. Rates per hour typically range from $25 to even $75 per hour for NIE-trained teachers.

Simply taking up one student can already give you an extra few hundred dollars a month. With more experience, you can try to take up 2 to 3 students per session to increase your hourly rate.

2. Uber/Grab Driver

Want to earn extra cash but don’t want to be tied down to another job where you need to commit a fixed time? If you already own a car, becoming a part-time driver with Uber or Grab might suit you. According to some drivers from a forum, you can be earning about between $23 to $33 per hour after accounting for costs and incentives. That’s not too bad a rate if you ask me, and the best part is you can drive anytime when you want!

3. Wedding Makeup artist

If you have a penchant for makeup and love to make people beautiful, becoming a part-time makeup artist could be a lucrative sideline. The only issue is that you’d likely need to go through some form of training or courses to become competent, as well as offer some free sessions to build up your portfolio. But if you like what you are doing, learning the skills is a good way to diversify your income and who knows, it could lead to a career change in future!

Most artists start out at about $250 for a 3-hour session, and premium ones can ask for more than $1,000 for a day and evening session.

4. Content Writer

Have your own blog or have a flair for words? Blogging is now considered a career in the 21st century and if you have a successful blog, you can even turn your words into money with advertorials and product sponsorships. But if you don’t get enough audience on your blog, there’s always small businesses looking for content writers to help them boost the SEO and content on their website. You might be paid around $15 per article for a start, but as you slowly work your way up around a niche, you could quickly gather a higher rate as you become known for your writing.

5. Personal trainer

Do you currently spend most of your after-office hours or weekends in the gym? Is bodybuilding a passion of yours? If you love fitness and want to share your knowledge, going into personal training could be the sideline for you. You’d first need to possess a CPR certification and a basic sports science course before going for the Fitness Instructor Certification course. It’s a long journey, but if you love fitness, it can be a great way to increase your knowledge, as well as turn it into a lucrative trade.

There are lots of other part-time jobs one can look to, but they may not pay as well as the above. On the other hand, they need less time commitment as skills as well. Some others you can consider include:

  • barista
  • banquet servers
  • brand ambassadors at events (e.g, mascots)
  • data-entry jobs
  • courier delivery
  • part-time home cleaners

With startups increasingly disrupting the traditional work industry, it is important for individuals to re-skill and diversify their income to ensure they stay relevant. We hope the list of part-time jobs has given you some ideas.


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